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This is Nelisse

Expertise and quality

Nelisse Makelaarsgroep, for 40 years at home in the residential area of the Statenkwartier and knowing greater The Hague like the back of our hand. We are a respectable company that works closely with private parties, companies and investors in real estate land.

40 years of great stories. Countless properties have changed owners or new homes have found their first occupants. We are a team with our clients, anticipating their needs and thinking ahead. We make properties sellable or negotiate their purchase.

We have worked for corporate clients for 40 years. We always find the right party for every project as right from the start we look at the project through the eyes of the occupant-to-be. The real estate market is an open book for us.

All that experience, that dedicated team and that great supply of properties. All those happy home owners and sellers and all those great projects.

This is Nelisse. Looking forward to the next 40 years.

Nicole Vrolijk RMT

Algemeen Directeur - Nieuwbouwspecialist

06 51391005

Irma Postma RMT RT

Directeur Woningmakelaardij

06 42134553

Alexander Lips RMT RT


06 51011625

Annelies Wiegel-van der Lans

Secretaresse Woningmakelaardij

070 350 1400

Guido van Duin KRMT


06 16496435

Rosita van Rijn KRMT I.O.

Assistent Makelaar Woningmakelaardij

06 54754147

Monique Muller KRMT

Kandidaat Register Makelaar Taxateur Woningmakelaardij

06 53758760


Sacha Schakel-van der Geest

Secretaresse Woningmakelaardij

070 350 1400

Marianne den Heijer


06 53336560

Vincent Smit KRMT


06 51391011

Ing. Alma van Riet KRMT


06 50654738

Barbara Knottnerus

Secretaresse Nieuwbouw

070 350 1400

Jan Augustinus

Erkend Hypotheekadviseur & Financieel Planner

06 30650052

Herbert Zock


06 10983328

Desiree van Zandvliet

Secretaresse Verhuur

070 350 1400


Debbie Brouwer


070 350 1400









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