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New homes

More than 40 years of experience in new construction


Nelisse redevelopment specialist 

The transformation of existing buildings into homes is a growing trend in the real estate sector. More and more developers and investors are interested in reusing existing buildings, such as offices, shops, factories and schools, and converting them into living spaces. Transformation offers an opportunity to create additional housing in the region of The Hague.

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Consult, advice and planning

Over 45 years’ experience in newly build housing

For more than 45 years, we have put our expertise to work in projects in the greater The Hague area. We know how important it is to best present a new development. It all starts with the draft of the design. Many developers, construction companies and housing corporations look for more than just experience in an agent; they demand enthusiasm, creativity, perseverance and goodwill. We are happy to act as the developer’s eyes and ears on the market.

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New homes specialist

Specialist in nieuwbouw

NVM specialists connect developers and property seekers. They ensure that the demands of both parties are translated into the building of appropriate new homes. In doing this, they contribute to developing an energy-efficient residential housing market. The New Homes Specialist knows the requirements of the area’s target group in great detail and is familiar with all the development’s steps. As a New Homes Specialist we also have extensive marketing knowledge.

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Established projects

Successfully sold by Nelisse Makelaars

Carnegie Villa Apartments
€ 1.695.000 to € 2.995.000 v.o.n.
€ 399.000 to € 426.000 v.o.n.
€ 386.000 to € 393.500 v.o.n.

Current listings

Have a look at our available properties

Not yet known
Boomgaerde Fase 1b
€ 499.500 to € 1.040.000 v.o.n.