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Selling your property

Selling your property in The Hague

What is my property’s current value? What else can I do to present it better? What is the winning strategy?

These are questions that may come up when putting your property up for sale. We are passionate about advising our clients properly, guiding them through this process to the best of our ability, and achieving the best results together. Your Nelisse Makelaarsgroep estate agent is your personal contact. We would be happy to explain our services and step-by-step plan.

De lijnen tussen de makelaar en ons als klant waren kort. Vragen die wij hadden werden direct beantwoord op een persoonlijke manier, evenals de terugkoppeling na bezichtiging van ons pand. Niet alleen de makelaar vervulde hierin haar rol, maar zeker ook de dames van de receptie waren zeer behulpzaam in het verstrekken van deskundige informatie. Complimenten voor onze makelaar Monique Müller!

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Property details

A selection of our recently sold properties

Jan van Houtstraat 61
€ 595.000 k.k.
Soesterberghof 94
€ 500.000 k.k.

Step-by-step plan for selling a property

1 ) Determining the asking price

Once you have taken the decision to put your property up for sale, the first question that will probably come up is ‘what is the property worth?’. We put great effort into determining the right asking price. After we have thoroughly inspected your property, we will tell you what we believe is the realistic price. Our assessment is based on almost 40 years of experience, combined with checking resources such as sales archives, the land register, the municipality and general statistics. Taking these together, we can make an accurate projection of the value of your property. The outcome is a realistic asking price. Important factors are how fast a property sells, delivery and possible competition.

2 ) Personal selling strategy

How will we approach the sale? With a ‘For Sale’ sign in the garden? Advertisements? If so, then where should we present the property? Are there any issues in the property that need to be addressed? These questions differ between every seller and every property. Many decisions are dependent on the property itself and your plans for the future. Is your property in a visible location? Is it going to be vacated soon or is the delivery a long way away? Does it have any exceptional architectural features? Are there any contaminants that need to be dealt with or are there any other visible faults? We will discuss these aspects and more, and create a sales strategy that suits your circumstances. We offer you a tailor-made strategy, not just any standard one, because every property is unique. We take many factors into account, such as the ‘findability’ on as well as technological market developments.

3 ) Making the property ready for sale

A prospective buyer often has high expectations before viewing a property. The first impression therefore is very important. You don’t get a second chance for a first impression. Do any maintenance arrears need to be addressed, such as spots on the walls or jammed doors? Does the house need to be tidied up? We can give you good advice on making a good first impression for the viewings.

4 ) The viewings

Our team of estate agents and assistants will coordinate and guide the viewings. Prospective buyers are free to ask us any questions. We will always arrange the viewings after consultation with you and the prospective buyer. You don’t have to be present during a viewing. Viewers tend to open up and ask the agent more questions when the seller is not around. A viewing is the perfect time for the estate agent to make contact with a prospective buyer, as the agent gets to know what the buyer is looking for in a property during the viewing. This information could come in handy if the viewing leads to negotiations. After the viewing we will give you feedback about the viewers’ first reactions. This could be by phone or by e-mail, just as you wish.

5 ) Discussing the further selling process

We will keep you well informed during the whole process. Equally, if you have any questions, please contact your agent – our agents are always available for you.

6 ) Negotiations

Now it gets exciting! The viewers have shown serious interest in your property. They may request a second viewing and often bring someone else along, such as their own estate agent or a surveyor. We accompany the viewers during their second viewing so that we can answer their questions and inform them about anything they need to know. If they are interested in buying your property, they will put in an offer. As soon as we have received it, we will contact you to discuss it and advise you on your response. Not only is the price important when negotiating a property, but also the date of transfer and the resolutive conditions. We will always be available for you in these exciting times. Our job is to achieve the very best for you without you ever losing control of the negotiation process. You are the only one to decide the price you want to sell your property at.

7 ) Signing the sales contract

When you have come to an agreement with the buyers, we will draw up the sales contract, which includes all the conditions on which the purchase is based. The sales contract is always up-to-date and in accordance with current legislation. It is in everyone’s interest that the contract is clear and concise. We make sure that both parties sign the contract and that they both get a copy. We will ensure that any agreements made on special terms and structural surveys are adhered to.

8 ) Transfer at the notary

When all parties have signed the sales contract, we will send it to the preferred notary. The notary will take care of registering the property in the land registry after delivery; he/she will pay out the purchase price; and, if applicable, will pay off the mortgage on your behalf.

9 ) Last inspection of the property before transfer

Before the notary transfers the property, we will carry out a last inspection with you and the buyers and read the meters. After that, we will accompany you to the notary and see to it that all the agreements are carried out.

10 ) After-sales care

On occasions, buyers encounter unexpected problems after transfer. Even after transfer of ownership, Nelisse Makelaarsgroep’s estate agents remain available to help you with any problems that may occur and to help you solve these appropriately.