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Sustainable contruction in South-Holland

 Sustainability is a recurring theme and the new build sector have not been idle. Sustainability is important for a lot of new build constructors, which isn't surprising when you think about how long a building has to last. 

There are a few big new build projects in development right now. The new build specialist of Nelisse Makelaarsgroep are up-to-date with the upcoming new build projects.

In this article we'll take you through all the developments regarding sustainability in the new build sector. 

What is sustainable construction?

The term "sustainable construction" is very broad. In principle, we can conclude that sustainable construction has a positive impact on the climate. Wherever possible, the effects on our earth are taken into account. This occurs in every stage of construction. For example, you can think of the design phase, the construction and demolition phase or the furnishing. 

Greening in the city

Nowadays, new build realtors and architects try to use the space as much as possible. Greenery is added to every new construction project. Greenery is even being added to houses. For example, some homes have their own entire ecosystem on their roof. This promotes and preserves biodiversity. In addition, the greenery helps with absorbing  water. This also occurs more and more in the area around The Hague. Just pay attention when you enter a new build area. 

Minimalistic life

In the Netherlands here are multiple locations where people can live in a so-called tiny house. A tiny house is a small house with all the basic needs. The idea behind this is that you live a more sustainable, cheaper and more environmentally friendly life. For example, a tiny house is often built from sustainable materials and is no larger than necessary.

A tiny house is often self-sufficient. Which means that the house includes solar panels, a wood stove, compost toilets and rain barrel. In other words, a tiny house is a cheap and sustainable way to live. 

Timber construction as solution

Ever since humans can remember, people have been building with wood.  To this day, buiding with wood is still very innovative. In fact, building with wood will become an indispensable part of today's new construction projects.  

The advantage of timber construction is that is contributes to a future-proof home. A nice side-effect of timber construction is that it gives new build projects a natural, warm and modern feel.